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Doc Backup is a backup application to backup your important documents
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Doc Backup is a simple windows application with following features:
- Backup to disk and to Amazon S3 or FTP site
- Detailed logging - E-Mail notification
- Daily automation
Doc Backup is a handy opensource backup application to backup/copy your important documents, media files, project files on the disk, network drive, and on live server via FTP. The developer wrote this application to fill the voids he found in Cobian Backup (which he was using before for data backup). According to the developer, the reason behind developing this application was to provide user with incremental backup without compromising the FTP workability. Moreover, it comes with detailed log reporting system, you can verify and analyze the number of backup copies and problems respectively in real-time. If you’re planning to backup an enormous data, it offers you email notification feature to keep you informed about the backup process. The most interesting feature is document backup to disk and to FTP site, hence the name, Doc Backup.

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